Office living walls. Artificial is better for business.

office green walls

office vertical garden

Businesses need big bucks to create long term successful office living walls.  A vertical garden in a commercial premises needs to look good 24/7.  A living wall in an office with plants that are struggling does not send the right message to customers, clients or your staff.

If your office makeover is on a budget yet you are keen on real plants and installing a show-stopping living wall here is Garden Beet’s suggestion: install a lifelike vertical garden in the office and place real plants on desktops and floors.

Of course, the plants on the desk and floor will require some maintenance, however, Garden Beet can assist your plant selection to keep maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Keeping a living wall beautiful and lush requires either a large upfront spend on a hydroponic system (usually over $2100 sqm) or a less upfront expense on a soil based system (between $600 to $800 sqm) and a commitment to a lifetime monthly maintenance fee (approx $200-$600pcm based on a 2-4sqm living wall).  If a building is not designed with adequate lighting, irrigation and drainage in mind the modifications required to sustain a real vertical garden could also create additional costs.

Garden Beet is experienced at assisting businesses to redesign their internal fit out budgets to incorporate a lush zero maintenance vertical garden and real indoor low maintenance plants.

If your architect and/or interior designer has specified an indoor vertical garden for your office and you need assistance to understand the best solution please contact