How Garden-themed Quilt Cover Sets, Indoor Plants and Mini Garden can make your bedroom a paradise

garden bedroom quilt

garden bedroom quilt

Home is a place of peace for any living soul on the face of this plant. It creates a much-needed space between us and the chaotic world. It calms and soothes us in a way no place can. Isn’t it enough reason to invest some time in decorating our homes as per our wishes and desires?

We should always take a little bit time to make our homes, especially the bedrooms, even more peaceful and calming for ourselves. There are plenty of ideas present on the digital arena to decorate our homes for the purpose of making them more calm and surreal.

One of my personal favorite ideas is taking inspiration from nature. Yes, I am talking about the color green that represents “balance” and is associated with the emotions of “harmony, refreshment, rest, universal love, restoration, environmental awareness, reassurance, equilibrium, and peace”.

Let’s dive into three easiest ways to bring more green in your bedrooms;

Indoor Plants for your bedroom:

It’s a no-brainer; indoor plants are the easiest way to bring nature right inside your house. Besides adding the calming effect in your house, proximity to nature also has great health benefits. According to research, indoor plants lessen the chances of a headache, cough, fatigue and dry skin. Another study supports the idea that there are 60% lesser airborne molds and bacteria in a room filled with plants than in a room with no plants.

Just FYI, even our Christmas means nothing without a Christmas tree in our house.

You can buy hanging plants and put them in your favorite wall or corner of the bedroom. Another way is to place beautiful pot plants in your bedroom or staircase or any other place. Make sure these plants can survive without sunlight before you purchase them.

How about Garden-themed Quilt Cover Sets:

Green is the color of nature and it has been associated with the creation of positive aura. If you are not a big green fan and you don’t want to paint your room green, it’s ok. I suggest, you use it in furniture, accessories, decorations etc.

For instance, an awesome way to make green a huge part of your bedroom is to buy Quilt Cover Sets in various shades of the said color or garden themed Quilt Cover Sets. It makes sense as your bed covers most of your bedroom space and if you highlight the most prominent part of your room with green, it is bound to spread its effects in the entire room.

A Mini Garden just outside your bedroom:

Above mentioned ideas are doable as they are cheap and do not need much time. But this idea is on a whole new level and requires serious dedication from your side. Regardless to say, it is expensive too.

I am talking about growing a mini garden just outside your room. Imagine waking up to all the greenery and sweet scent that reaches your room via a large window. You could have an outdoor bathtub in your mini garden or maybe even hanging chairs – the options are limitless as mini garden opens a door to so many more ideas.

Will you bring nature inside your bedroom for calmness and serenity? Share your ideas of how you bring joy in your place.