Northcote Outdoor Baths: Melbourne

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A garden in Northcote Melbourne is already ahead of the trend with its two outdoor baths!

If we are to believe Grand Designs outdoor baths are likely to be rather popular soon. Given the hipster nature of Northcote it should be no surprise to find loads of relaxation moments behind the facades of Melbourne’s inner north.

Guess who has TWO outdoor baths. Guess who lives in Northcote (or Thornbury depending on who you taking too). Yep that is right.  Garden Beet.

This week in Melbourne Australia we have been celebrating all things home as we come to the end of the annual Grand Design Show.

Outdoor baths were one of the major design feature this year.

Stephen Read Landscape Design won The Show Garden Gold this year. His design featured an outdoor bath that treated waster water on site with a wetland system. Great design – beautifully executed. We also liked the pressed metal walls. According to Stephen its essential that you request the press metal to be galvanized and coated. Otherwise the material may rust when using outdoors or in bathrooms.

The outdoor bath used for Stephen’s design was supplied by Reece. The range stocked by Reece are not really suited for highly exposed outdoor areas as they are not UV stablised. The baths can however be tucked under an eve or verandah.  The only bath manufacturer we know that can withstand long term outdoor conditions are the Apaiser range of crushed rock designer baths.

If you are thinking of installing an outdoor bath it does make sense to lay ag pipe in the garden and allow it to filter to the garden’s plants. We have used ag pipe and covered the pipe area with crushed rock. We have planted Knobby Club Rush into the rocks – these plants are found throughout Victoria Australia and are a hardy wetland species that can cope with periods of wet and dry.