Outdoor Baths and Showers in Australia




Outdoor baths are perfect for most Australian climates. As long as hot water is available an outdoor bath can be used through spring and autumn and some warmer days of winter . We are still finishing off the landscaping that surrounds this bath in Australia – it will look great soon. Garden Beet has two baths in this garden – the one featured above in like an egg and is really only suitable for one (two adults can squish).

A feature of this bath is the shower attachment – do not underestimate how great this feature is for shampooing children’s hair – its easy to create your own hairdressing experience at home in the great outdoors.



The other bath is more fun and suitable for groups. It can fit up to 5 or 6 children. Its great for the 5pm dinner and then bath timetable during the summer months. All the mums can talk while the children have water fun.