Which vertical garden product should I buy?

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Confused about which vertical gardening product to use? Vertical Gardening Online (http://www.verticalgardenonline.com.au) is here to help.

Vertical gardening has taken off around the world. Products claiming to make your walls green are popping up everywhere and it has all become rather overwhelming for those who just want a simple affordable solution. If you are about to start your vertical garden we strongly suggest you head over to this new website for some easy to read guides of the products available in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Vertical Gardening Online features a range of articles on the common – and the more obscure – vertical gardens around the world. It already has an international following 1 week after its launch and provides a forum for the experts and enthusiasts to thrash out the finer nuances of growing plants up a wall. Its range of product reviews is growing weekly and is sure to be a valuable resource.

The creator of the website, landscape architect Felicity Waters states ‘growing plants on the walls has loads of potential for creating better urban environments. But we need an honest dialogue. The potential of vertical gardening can be realised more easily and quickly if those who are serious about its application come together. We need to focus on learning what plants, what systems, what design parameters and what maintenance regime works and where’.

If you are in the vertical gardening industry and wish to advertise on this website get over there quick – they are accepting free listings for a limited time only.