Pick up some Garden Art at Auction. Frances Doherty. Two artichokes on a rod.

ceramic garden art

ceramic garden art

WOW we have just found a bargain auction for bespoke garden art – this is a fabulous find.

The exquisite magnified seed pods and flowers created by Frances Doherty are cherished by Garden Beet. We have been fans of the ceramic artist for 3 years and are rather excited that she has decided to start her own auction.

   I have decided to have a clear out of the studio and auction off all those pieces of work which are sitting around taking up my space. These are sculptures which are prototypes or seconds, or have simply been sitting there with no home to go to. Some of them have firing faults…a glaze crawl, a small crack etc, but I will describe them exactly as I put them up for sale. I will do one a month with no reserve so this is your chance to pick up a piece of work for much less than the retail price.

We are sure many of the contemporary gardeners who follow our interests would appreciate her interpretation of the natural world. If you feel your winter garden is in need of some colour and drama head over to her website and make a bid.

Two Artichokes on a Rod – go to her website: http://www.francesdoherty.co.uk/januaryr-auction