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There are strong reasons to doubt the internet. This is particularly the case if you are using Alibaba to source living wall products. It continues to amaze Garden Beet how reputable UK ‘home and lifestyle’ retailers end up selling badly copied products because they do not really understand what makes a good living wall product. Plants are not complicated until you start growing them outside their natural habitat. Living walls are not natural environments. Living wall planters may look simplistic but the design is responding to many competing requirements of a plant. One change and a product’s viability is highly compromised.

Them brazen vertical garden manufacturers show little remorse for good design and copyright laws.

Green Field Garden Supply is using a cut out of Garden Beet’s interior living wall image to promote their own vertical garden planter products.

Green Field stupidly sent me a marketing email requesting I consider their products for purchase. I do not think so.

Living walls can be a large investment and require quality products. When you buy from Garden Beet you can be confident that we sell 100% branded products that have been trialled, tested and earn their reputation.

If you want a cheap living wall for one season then the copycat products may do the job, albeit badly, but please do not invest money in building anything bigger than a 30cm x 30cm  living wall. You are wasting resources.