NEW PRODUCT Vertical Greenwall Blanket in Australia by Jamie Durie.

jamie Durie's Vertical Greenwall Blanket

jamie Durie's Vertical Greenwall Blanket



Australia needs an affordable soft sided vertical garden product that works. Why? Because rigid vertical garden planters are a pain in the neck to install and Australia fails to offer a soft sided solution that is affordable.

Woolly Pocket outshines all the other soft sided wall planters Garden Beet reviews.  As discussed in the last blog post,  vertical vegetable gardening, there have been dozens of useless Woolly Pocket copycat designs being pumped out of China and sold into the Australian market. Unfortunately, the Woolly Pocket is just too expensive to import from the USA to Australia at the moment.

Given Jamie Durie has spent time promoting the Woolly Pocket product in USA and Australia he would be well versed in its excellent design features.

Can Jamie Durie’s new blanket meet this gap in the market?

For those designers and installers involved in building vertical gardens let us hope that this Australian design is robust, offers good growing room for the plant and allows water to flow from the top to the bottom of the pocket. One vertical garden product will never meet all the different design challenges landscape and garden designers face. We need affordable choices.

Of course am very keen to trial this product and will be posting a review mid-2014.

Here are the product specifications

Large $159 size 1800mm x 1800mm (will be available in three sizes – specifications for the medium and small is not yet available).

  • the blanket is made from black recycled PET with waterproof PVC backing
  • unique staggered pocket design with 450mm wide pockets allowing you to plant more mature plants
  • attach it to your fence or wall through the heavy duty brass eyelets
  • a waterproof backing membrane will reduce evaporation and minimise water contact on the wall
  • a 4mm drip line irrigation system is included to ensure a beautiful and healthy Greenwall all year round

After speaking with his office it appears that the product will be available to purchase online at Jamie Durie’s website in February 2014 and will also be available from BIG W stores throughout Australia.

If you wish to discuss and find out what is happening in the world of living walls and vertical gardens (without the sales speak) please click the living wall forum now.