A garden designer reference should be houzz.com


Are you a designer searching for inspiration to show your clients ?

If you want a sample of different treatments that can be applied to gardens and landscapes check out houzz.com

As some of you may already know, Houzz was born in 2009 …………… it started as a small project, ……..connecting other homeowners from [the] kids’ school with local professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. But our project quickly took on a life of its own, reaching professionals and homeowners across the country and around the world.

Too often garden design is left behind the other design professions (architecture and interior designers etc). Its not due to a lack of committed professionals its just that mainstream gardening tends to celebrate the colourful and quaint – gardens are not often seen as the place for cutting edge.

Thank goodness for Houzz. An opportunity to educate the garden design eye.

The website is American and contributors are worldwide.

Importantly it allows garden design the space to grow up.  Garden design sits amongst some rather god damn sexy architecture – and its all happening now. As designers design and the gardens get built the outcomes are documented for the world to consume.

Whilst the website is ecclectic in its fashion it appreciates cutting edge. houzz.com provides a contemporary design vocabularly for those in search of a garden design response that is more 2013 than 1903.


Importantly the website also offers strong design tools.

A place to collect all your ideas and then share with your client – fabulous.

Houzz also allows a designer to borrow and reference the ideas of other designers.

This is a true sharing website.

It documents design thinking in time and holds your design memory.

Garden Beet stumbled across houzz in 2009 – and yes it has grown!