Garden sheds look ugly : garden accessories need a funky home

shed in the backyard

Image source: IKea JOESF Cabinet £40



shed in the backyard

 My Shed 2012-1954

Am looking for an off the shelf shed solution to store my increasing collection of garden accessories. Directly above is an image of my former ugly shed – it was in my rear yard since 1954 and was pulled down towards  the end of 2012 .

A part from its sheer uglyness it was poorly designed and took up way to much space.

The contents of my shed is now scattered around the garden and I need a new storage solution.

I am begining to realise that shed design has been given little consideration  – at least in Australia and the UK.

There are cedar alternatives but that look is rather last century.


English: Cedar Wood Storage Shed
English: Cedar Wood Storage Shed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Of course there is a plastic range but that is not my style at all. Yuk.

 Then there are a whole gamut of galvanised steel solutions as shown below. Without fail these products are designed and built for a male with no aesthetic appreciation. The detailing is hum drum and the colour palette too boring to list.

The shape however is correct.

Since my property boundaries require screening (to gain privacy from my immediate neighbours) I am keen to explore a storage solution that is linear. I need height to screen the neighbours and length to create impact.

Absco Spacesaver Garden Shed – 3m x 0.78m x 1.95m Colorbond


I need a bright orange, pink or white or even a teal powder coated steel shed. None of the big box hardware stores address this issue.

The first image shown at the begining of this article is the only colourful outdoor cupboard or shed that I can find. The product is made by Ikea (of course).

I always look to Houzz for contemporary design inspiration. All the designs referenced on this website are bespoke. Bespoke means cost and therefore are often inaccessible for the majority. Yet again another product design opportunity.