Screaming rigid plastic – a living wall planter by Woolly Pocket


woolly pocketPhoto: inhabitat


The new living wall planter  from Woolly Pocket has been unveiled in the USA. I keep thinking ‘Do I really want an object in my living room  that screams ‘plastic container’ on my wall?’ I suppose minigarden is glaringly plastic  – and that is a favourite amongst Garden Beet customers – but it is a neater design.



Its great the new product by Woolly Pocket will allow a plant’s root system to breathe (allows a plant’s root system to remain healthy without become pot bound) but I would rather the soft Wally Pocket.

In fact I may forgo plant longevity for a beautiful ceramic wall planter – afterall the new wall planter  is just one single unit – not a large living wall – does it really matter that the plant may need repotting in 1-3 years time?

Recycled plastic innovations have a habit of looking clumpy. This item is not a favourite – but Garden Beet’s taste aint everyone’s cup of tea.