Olympic flower torch for your cauldron: create an opening ceremony in your garden

olympic flame flower thingy


Well done  Thomas Heatherwick (designer of the Olympic flame turn cauldron). Spectacular!!

Garden Beet has already had requests for a fire-pits-cum-culdron for british private garden ceremonies.

Garden Beet does not stock fire pits – plenty of others do –¬† but if you want a tiny flame we recommend our Pebblecube Tea LIght Holders

We are thinking our metal flowers may be a bit of an Olympic hit as well? Remember the flower torches?

The metal will reflect the light of a small or large flame nicely. Please take a look at our Copper poppies and metal arums – both metal flowers are designed by UK artists – all made by hand. Now that can only be good!

Support British designers during the Olympics!