Green garden netting used to create an interior light

garden lighting


This weekend Garden Beet weeded its grantic sand, prunned its banksia hedge and then went inside with some garden centre finds.

Garden Centres can be viewed as a haberdashery store. Stop and look around – they can be a fabulous resource.

Taking items designed for the outdoors and bringing them inside can create some interesting moments – and of course visa versa.

I grabbed some very cheap luminous green netting designed to protect fruit from feeding birds.

I have circled the plastic netting around an old light wire frame (Ikea Australia) and combined it with some sheer fabric that I grabbed at a Habitat Closing Down Sale (in the UK).

Am still experimenting with my new take on a chandelier. I was inspired by the guys at Magpie in South Africa – those guys create fabulous lights from waste plastic – their lights can be seen at Anthropoligie in London and of course in South Africa. Check out this post for some inspiration

Magpie Lights

Now just need to get these lights suitable for outdoor living and we have a new product ready for Garden