Topiary is trending. Is it time to Topirate?

Muehlenbeckia complexa creatures 101129-0655
Muehlenbeckia complexa creatures 101129-0655 (Photo credit: Tony Rodd)


Bejesus – ABC Garden Show just announced hedging and topiary is back.


Burgon and Ball in the UK announced it 2 months ago.


I thought it may have been happening when I saw these creatures in Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens a good 12 months ago.

So yep its happening.


Gardening is a very ‘in the moment pass time’ . Shape making with the green stuff even more so.  Maybe there is a need for some wacky hedging classes for stressed out office workers?

ooohh I have a feeling the buxus is about to look totally kooky.

Anyone ready to start giving Topiary Classes with a meditative edge –  Topirate NOW