How to get a ‘flat’ wall appearance with a Woolly Pocket


wally pockets at Oceans International Chelsea Flower Show 2012

 Photo: John Connel


This is the neatest installation of Woolly Pockets I have seen. Built for the Oceans Stand at this years Chelsea Flower Show (2012).

The wall recess is going to allow the plants to be flush with surrounding surfaces. Perfect.

Occasionally I hear Woolly Pockets getting a bad wrap (not from people who have used the product – its usually people who have never gardened with a Woolly Pocket and are involved in green wall construction). The argument is usually centred around the pockets not being a product suitable for commercial purposes. There is a perception that fabric is not an enduring green wall product. This is not true. Plants thrive in the fabric because the root system breathes.

The other complaint I hear about Woolly Pockets is its tendency to have a slight bulge. It can lack the sleek flat architectural finish created by other green wall products such as Easiwall .

Well finally I have an image of a constructed wall that shows how to create sleek architectural design with Woolly Pockets.

Recess the pockets.

The image above and below illustrate that Woolly Pockets can be taken a step further. The pockets can create a sharp appearance to any outdoor space providing the Woolly Pockets are allowed to inform the design of the built form.

As an aside I would be interested to know if they put an incline on the base ledge for drainage ?

And how are the designers running the irrigation to the wall?

woolly pocket living wall