Alive thriving plants, worn by women. Chlorophyll Couture in Moon Walk, London 2012.

a lady wearing a plant

a lady wearing a plant

The scope for plant based wearing may have changed.

Andrea Hatfield demonstrates the possibilities of chlorophyll  couture.

Wearing a Mini Wally and living plants Andrea  jogged (walked?) 26.2 miles around London. A challenging task.

Busy raising money for cancer she also managed to test the boundaries of plant based fashion accessories. Mini Wally by Woolly Pockets was the product selected to secure the plant to her person.

Garden Beet is eager to learn whether plant wearing is a practical use for the Mini Wally?

Should Wally just keep to walls?

Lets hope Andrea swings by. Please leave a response

Well done Andrea (and friend) for staying up all night to raise money for Cancer Research.