Indoor lights for gardens underwater. Jellyfish art aquascapes.

Garden Beet loves where Jellyfish Art are going – if you have ever gone diving you will know the bazaar gardens that exist under the sea. Two guys in the States have started making these landscapes in portable form and are selling them  –  Jellyfish Aquariums !

Garden Beet has been doing some investigation into phosphorescence plants (glow in the dark) suitable for a green wall in a night club. We were looking at glow in the dark mushrooms but now we have been side tracked. Only one Jellyfish creates its light -all the rest need to be lit rather well to create a dramatic aquarium.

Mmmm Garden Beet is thinking this may be a great product for a night club —- just need a lighting designer ——

The key to making jellies look their best is balancing strong spotlights with a soft back light. Often the back of a jellyfish aquarium will be lit through a translucent blue background that fades to black at the bottom of the tank to give the illusion that the jellies are floating in the open ocean. Lighting is one of the most important factors in making an attractive jellyfish aquarium. It takes experience to get it right.

Color-changing lights can be installed on our aquariums to make the jellyfish change colors. White moon jellies will pick up whatever color of light is shone on them and will glow with that color, as shown in the video below.


The logistics of selling these guys in the UK are too hard  – but you can purchase the dry materials internationally from  Jelly Fish Art. Tanks start at $285 USD.