Cheap fabric living wall planters – forget it – go to Ikea

create a living wall planter

If you want plants growing on a wall and you want them to grow well Garden Beet still gives a number one vote to the Wally Pocket. Unfortunately the Wally Pocket is expensive – and that is a problem for some.

I have seen approximately 10 copies of the Wally Pockets and really I would not waste my time trying to grow a serious green wall with any of them. In fact I would not even use them for a temporary installation.

Fabric wall planters need to be made well otherwise they sag or offer little growing room.  The cheaper they get the more unsightly they become.

If you cant afford a Wally ditch the idea of a fabric wall planter.

You will get much greater effect by visiting the kitchen section of Ikea and installing a series of small cutlery holders on a wire frame.

OK these plants are not going to last forever but at least the installation looks good for at least 6 months.

Good old Ikea.