Plant some bluddy street trees City of Darebin. Melbourne is a heat sink


All engineers and urban designers should be made to walk on 35-40 degree days from my house to the local primary school with my children aged 5 and 6 and tell me what they think about streets without trees.

This little graphic  was given to Garden Beet from . The graphic is all about urban heat sinks and its a very easy problem to fix.

Its fairly obvious.

Concrete cities = hot cities .

Plant trees = cooler cities

But yet again in 2012 trees seem to be less important than traffic lights.

Quite frankly Garden Beet can not work out why its so difficult for trees to be installed in cities.

Some of the best urban design projects get built and shade giving trees somehow get left off the agenda.

The northern suburbs of Melbourne now has  a fab little urban design project running up Northcote’s very cool and hip High Street – but I can not believe it – there are these large concrete tram stops with NO TREES!!

Yep great job urban designers of state government – nice to see the pedestrian paths level with the tram entry/exists but guys where the F**K are the trees.

ITS NOT HARD – plant some bluddy trees or I am going to make you walk my children to school!!!