Post Christmas: trees and decorations in the new year

post christmas tree


I love this.

I have waited 10 months to show this image  and finally its the right month!

If you are living in the northern hemisphere and you have not ventured to Australia during Christmas you may have little idea how disconnected our European influenced Christmas decorations and traditions are from the hot Australian climate, its plants and landscape.

I have discussed this issue before in a blog post during Autumn 2010  . In a nut shell Australia becomes tacky and tinsley around November. We have fake snow, fake holly, fake snowmen in our shopping centers, streetscapes and in our homes.

With all this in mind I really loved the simple Christmas decoration shown in the image below. A little snapshot of an Australian Christmas.  It is a leafless branch in the middle of summer but nevertheless I loved the composition. And a lovely change from glittery snow capped ball balls.


christmas 2012 decorations in australia

Its mid January and Australia is now entering the next visual during this holiday period – its the abandoned Christmas tree – scorched to a crisp.

The postcard image above is a great little glimpse of an Aussie Christmas landscape found in most suburbs of the capital cities.