Coco Loco: urban red ribbon planters for Christmas


What a grand little hanging planter is this? Coco Loco –a flowering beauty wrapped in coconut fibre and lipstick red ribbon. Designer CommuniTree has launched this fab gift item for Christmas 2011. The planters are designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. The planters retail for approximately $35.

CommuniTree, directed by Catherine Duniam, is focused on green ideas for urban spaces. Not only does she design, sell and make plant based products she has also managed to quirk up a rather pedestrian streetscape РMelbourne Swanston Walk. At last newspaper stands are being replaced by artist driven products! Way to go City of Melbourne.

Inspired by her farming background Catherine is designing novel ways to inject plants into our lives. CommuniTree has also developed a Living Marquee that incorporates a self supporting living wall system using cloth and bamboo.

Head over to her website for a look >  CommuniTree