How to get help to grow your own food ?

grow food with jess


Sometimes the biggest challenge in getting your fruit and veg garden started is the need for help. Its hard yakka getting all the weeds under control. Plus digging the beds in preparation for the seedlings is not much chop either.

And if you have children it can be even harder!

I was most excited when I learnt of a mothers/gardening group that meets every Monday. Each week the group descends on a mother’s garden and a work intensive begins. The children are keptĀ  busy amusing themselves (in theory anyway).

I really like the concept -partly because you are outside rather than inside eating chocolate biscuits but more importantly its a real help for any time poor mother. A veg garden is easy to achieve with 6 or so pairs of hands so why not?

Or what about this for an idea – get a veg garden designer to help you out. I spotted Jessica posting her leaflet in my letter box in Melbourne Australia – if it takes your fancy her email address is She is in the picture above.