London Design Festival: A recycled curtain made from Bloomberg’s waste



A London Design Festival update just flew into Garden Beet’s inbox – its all about recycling – I realise it aint in the garden but it could be outdoors. Its all food for thought and I like it a lot – so lovely to share – thanks Rachel for the update on your design studio’s activities

Over to Loop.pH –

Commissioned for Bloomberg Philanthropy by art and design agency Arts Co, ‘Waste Not, Want It’ is a series of specially commissioned art and design projects made almost entirely out of Bloomberg’s waste. Presented as part of the London Design Festival 2011.

Design studio Loop.pH’s ‘Faraday Curtain’ is made from hundreds of metres of discarded electrical cable, stripped of its inner core and conductive shielding and rethreaded into an intricately laced textile mesh. The resultant ephemeral textile enclosure provides a soft and sheer shielding from electro magnetic fields.

The tranquil space provided by the ‘Faraday Curtain’ is an opportunity to surrender electronic devices and mobile phones for a few brief moments, as inside the curtain internet access will cease to connect.