Is Garden Beet a fraud? Article writing, gardens, media and academia

For some reason I ended up in a garden forum ‘punch-up’. And it was in linked-in! I am sure I did not start the argument but somehow I managed to be called a fraud and I got into trouble for being rude about an imaginary group of people which I referred to as the blah blahs. Oh my.

The whole linkedin debarcle got removed from the linkedin garden forum but-  he he – not before i was able to press good old ‘control copy’.

Lets face it if some person is going to insult you for 24 hours you need to be a pretty calm kinda gardening chic to not get yee feathers a bit ruffled.

Now me keeping a record of this debate on my blog is to show that I am not one for bullying.

I find silence disturbing.

I was being bullied in a forum and I decided to stick up for myself.

How do you keep your online profile squeeky clean – be nice at all times.  And never ever reveal an argument.

But you know what?

I like to keep it real.

Thanks for reminding me Benjamin. xx