Garden Design Idea: Mix it up. Period Lamp Posts in a Vertical Garden.

a victorian lamp post




I think most designers would probably seek inspiration from far and wide. Whilst Garden Beet has a focus on the contemporary we certainly enjoy stepping outside our ‘normal’ visual field. We enjoy a dib and dab in the retro, vintage, etc.

We certainly enjoy mixing context (ie outdoor tables painted high polish red and inserting into kitchen – image below).

red picnic tableImage above thanks to contemporist


Garden Beet is now exploring the possibilities of placing say a Victorian Lamp Post  – within say one of  the newest garden types – vertical gardens. 

A marriage between the minigarden (image below) and the Victorian lamp post could be interesting.

mini-garden green wall


If you are in need of an old lamp — try the English Lamp Post . My lordy these guys make their lights in the UK and have loads of other period lamp styles.