Quick Garden Wall Art Idea. Stencil and Spray at King Kahuna Car Park.

Stencil applied to the garden wall


A quirky garden art moment found in the car park of a bean bag shop in Ascot Vale Melbourne (King Kahuna) .

Nothing more suburban than a timber pailing fence. How fantastic to treat the pailing fence with the 1950s suburban icon ‘flying ducks on a wall’.

Garden Beet love’s the context change of  this once popular image. The placement  injects freshness into the stale ceramic images that were found in the dimly lit British and Australian living rooms of the 1950s – a time when the indoors was in and the outdoors was out . A time before the bi-fold doors

Garden Beet’s Verdict: Try this at home.

If you need a bean bag I reakon it would be a fab idea to head on over to the car park first