Vertical gardens in China – full of colour

vertical garden in china


vertical garden with a lady

Images by Janoel Liddy

Here is a vertical garden along the bund in Shanghai China. The flowers are a great colour lift for the highly polluted city (photographer did not see the sun for 4 weeks due to the pollution haze – jeeps!) . The big round dishes are lights.

Below is a shot of a historical garden wall with a framed view (known as a Moon Gate) to the garden beyond. Whilst both walls act as a boundary the design of the Moon Gate, and its wall, was driven by spiritual meaning and to provide a luxurious entrance to the Chinese nobles.

The contemporary living wall is probably driven by the new fashion for vertical gardens and perhaps perceived as a more environmental response? That is my guess anyway.

Quite a nice record of outdoor wall treatments for two different time periods in China .

living wall art frame