Chic-a-rama Tao – Indoors and Outdoor Planter by MyYour

indoor tao planters

tao small planter with cactus



OOO am loving the organic shapes of these contemporary planters that Garden Beet now has in stock – Tao.

Designed by MyYour in Italy.

The Tao Planters are available in a multitude of colours,  two finishes: matt and gloss and three sizes.

I am not really into these bright colours and high gloss finish but understand that in the right situation it can look great.

I am wishing to plant some prostrate grevilleas into the matt finish version in white – see below. Jeeze I am imagining some stunning planting arrangements in these shapes.

Balcony gardeners here is an opportunity to upgrade your look.

Now those who love their whites will be pleased to know that dirt, shoe polish and other daily stains can be removed from the surface of these planters with ease.

The designers at MyYour have just released a new finish to all their products which keeps them all squeeky clean and stain free.

If you can see your house and/or garden with these very fab contemporary planters simply order from Garden Beet.

Prices start at £115 for the small matt finish planter . Planters outsidetao planter in white