Landscape Architects, Awards, Victorian Government Contracts. Little white lies that bring work?


mee peeved

This is me peeved. I have big hair and my arms are crossed.

Being a landscape architect and winning an Australian Institute of Landscape Architect Awards for involvement in a  large scale government project is a good thing.

It should not really matter who did what on the project as long as the project is completed well and all parties are acknowledged.

But life it seems is not like that.

Institute awards bring money to Landscape Architecture firms.

And it seems that some firms have no qualms in misleading the importance of their role in a project that has won an award.

If a firm is paid to document a detailed design concept are they really justified in using the imagery of the project as a promotion of their design capabilities?  Of course every project is different and its not possible to make a blanket statement. But really guys? Where is the respect?

So what happens when a Landscape Architecture  firm decides to overstep the mark and promote an award winning project  as if the design was highly reliant on their input?  My own personal experience indicates that people remain silent.

What is going on in the small little world of Landscape Architecture in Melbourne? Is it a fear of being seen as a trouble maker?

Given it is now common practice to divide a  design into 2 or 3 stages (Stage 1 Concept/Master plan, Stage 2 Concept Development, Detailed design and tender documentation, Stage 3 Contract Administration)  at both state and local government the whole design process is going to get more muddied.

We really need to foster a design community of respect.

Or I am going to start a name and shame domain.

I am so close to writing the name but as my dear friend told me …do I really want to invoke the bad spirits …..i need to get over it too – its been a long time