Contemporary design responses to the front garden (and urban sprawl).

a front garden designfront stage designstone hopping in the front gardenfront garden designa front stage in the garden

Front gardens are getting interesting – at least in Thornbury, Melbourne Australia. Here is another front garden that has been designed as a functional living area.

And guess what? The young family actually use the space. It makes loads of sense.

The back garden faces south and the front faces north. Why forgo the joys of the winter sun simply because it is harnessed at the front garden rather than the back (northern hemisphere readers – yes Australia is upside down)?

The front garden incorporates timber seating that is also referred to as ‘the stage’. Children can provide a performance on either the ‘snake’ or the ‘circle’ .

Fabulous. After all if you are going to be out the front why not exaggerate the public display and perform ?

This design reminds me of how much wasted space exists in cities like Melbourne Australia.

To have a front garden is a luxury. Ignoring its possibilities is just overwhelming idle.

If an entire street was forced to use their front gardens for at least 1 hour per day I wonder what sort of streetscape would be created? Hopefully it would be a tad more interesting than hectares of water guzzling green (brown) lawn.

This garden was designed by Georgina Martyn from Bold Simplicity.