Cheap Vertical Garden Planter. Buy A Hooded Vent.

a vertical wall planter


vertical planters on a fence


wall planters creating a vertical garden

Here is my new system to build a vertical garden – it is my next project. Please excuse the messy planting – this is concept stage only.

I think the galvansied steel conventional hooded vents might be a cheap solution (approx £3.99UK or $4.00 Aus) to creating wall planters (and even a vertical garden if you buy enough) .

It is normally positioned the otherway up and provides air into homes (see below)

a hooded vent on a house


The vent does not offer a lot of growing room therefore a shallow rooting plant is required.

Dry tolerant plants would be best given the likelihood of this vent to loose water very quickly. I am thinking succulents – Mother of Peral is the main plant I have used in this demonstration and am thinking it might perform well.

I will line this hood with a geotextile to ensure soil does not escape out the metal mesh.

Notice how the back of the vent is inverted (image below) ? This is good as the back will not sit flush against a wall or fence thereby protecting the vertical surface from water damage. Also the frame allows the vent to be hung very easily over wire as shown above.

I can see heaps of potential  Рstay tuned



galvanised hood with soil