A front garden full of vertical gardens, recycling and community.

vertical front plantings

wall planters on a timber wall

vertical gardens with neighbour

girl with a woolly pocket


The Bin Bar Garden came about because my front garden was doing what most front gardens do – nothing much. Also my rubbish bins were taking up too much space in the back garden

PLUS I could not believe that my streeetscape had not been given a major overhaul in the last 10 years by my local Council (City of Darebin). An upgrade is proposed in the next 10 years. No way hozay!!

I’ll do my own bluddy streetscape improvement program thank you.

And while I am at it I am also going to provide a place that will allow neighbours to meet. Surely I can improve on our closest community space – the archetypal lifeless pocket park located around the corner, over a major road and around another corner.

For further design explanation check out my previous posts on the garden clocks. If you want to know a bit about the design process check out my last blog on demolition of a 1950s garden wall.


vertical gardens



Whilst I think the design improves the streetscape I am aware that not all would agree.

Notwithstanding the design has certainly made people stop, knock on the door, chat,  wave to me as I sit working in the front room. Really they are amazed by the wall planters or vertical gardens (built using Woolly Pockets)

BUT there has also been two spontaneous gatherings (of 4-5 people) since its build last month – and they were nothing to do with me.

Last Friday morning my friend Janoel Liddy (the photographer) and I hung out in the garden for 40 mins – in that time we had four passerby guests into our space. We both thought that was pretty good? Its just a residential street.

While a garden design will not create a community it can certainly facilitate happy happenings and silly pop-up events.

What I found interesting is that the landscape contractor’s  next job (Daniel from Garden Outdoor Design) also involved constructing a community decking/seating area in the front garden.

Really what are suburbian  front gardens about?  Surely we should be striving for something other than  hectares of stupidness?

vertical front plantings


A bin bar with paving


vertical planters


@annewareham @gardenbeet Best bit really really is the invite your neighbours both with look and design and intention. Revolutionary!