Garden clocks: outdoor timing for my street and local community

garden clocks on street

My garden clock faces the street. And its all to do with the sheer frustration of designing public landscapes.

Public areas are political. And political spaces are a nightmare for any designer.There are so many stakeholders and so many opinions that often the most skilled design team will create yet another blah blah space. Perhaps the mayor intervenes and removes a crucial design element or the maintenance team don’t care that the garden beds are left to invasive weeds or maybe there is no maintenance budget.

Whatever designing for the public is hard.

As a result of political shenanigans  my dear old streetscape lacks greatness. It could be so much better but alas my local council has spoken: upgrade 10 years time.

And who knows what the upgrade will really create?

With all this said I look at my front garden and wonder can I possibly upgrade the street NOW.

Can I create a design within my property boundary that contributes to the community space in some way.  Am I able to ‘lift’ the streetscape? Will others respond?

The older generation of my street are first generation Greek, Italian and Macedonian. Gina and a few others spend a lot of time in the street. The new ‘yuppies’ are out and about as well – they have been having babies. We all seem to chat.

Can my front garden contribute to the social happenings?

Well lets see.

Over the next few posts I will talk about the various design features and how each will contribute to the community.

But really I am not that altruistic. I am having fun and am exploring ideas. And of course my design also meets some of my day-to-day issues. I will talk about that too.

How nice is it to be your own client? No need to please anyone but yourself.

Stage One: Garden Clock . Adding a clock to my garden is a cheap and sure way to get the community dependant on my space. Running late for work,  no watch? No worries – check the streetscape clock. OO how good would it be to hear  ‘Lets meet at the house with the clock’.

It’s also rather handy for me too – my car clock is always wrong.

Next post: Stage two.