Did someone forget to water? Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2011. Warning I was at Chelsea last year.

I so can not help comparing Chelsea 2010 with Melbs Garden Show 2011 . Here it goes.

Comparison one: there was a fab little idea for wall planters tucked in a corner of a Melbourne show garden and the plants (strawberries) were drooping with thirst. Its only Day 2 in Melbourne   – Chelsea plants do not know the horror of  ‘The End’ until the last gate shuts firmly.

Comparison Two: Designers in Melbourne took the podium with gusto and confidence (one chopped designer above). They explained what inspired them without a hint of embarrassment. Told us what life is all about. Hellaleuja brother. I felt the awaken earth mother spirit leap with  joy.  The quiet pause ridden modesty of the British designer perhaps aint very Australian.

Comparison Three: Children. None at Chelsea. Guess how many lost children announcements I heard today at Melbourne’s International Garden Show? Four in 3 hours.

Children exist. And its them who cause visual havoc in our gardens. Children was not a strong topic for Chelsea 2010. It was more about gardens for someone who has no kids in their life at all. Not even once a year.

So me was very happy to see the above cubby houses looking funky and somewhat under polished. Very suitable for my oh so terribly ordinary child centred life.

Comparison Four: Garden Design. Both Chelsea and Melbourne have great design and some rather less great. The main difference is Chelsea has way more budget to flaunt its design possibilities. In turn the finishes and detailing at Chelsea are often exquisite. Whilst there was some great finishes in Melbourne there is less of a high polished concrete satin glean.

The Flemings sponsored design was one of the few Australian designs at Chelsea 2010. Fleming’s Chelsea design was reproduced at Melbourne’s show  but on a lesser scale. Does that says something about Australia? ….Would Kylie Minogue spend less money on her Aussie tour than Europe? I wonder?

By the way Flemings created a great design in both countries, nevertheless designing a spectacle complete with bikini clad chicks, and your oversized frontage, does little for raising the awareness of Australia’s design maturity.