So you want something designed? always look at previous experience

Garden Beet has re-learnt a very very old lesson. If you are going to engage a designer or anyone for that matter- always always do your homework on the professional’s BUILT experience.

It is so god damn easy for people to say ‘YES’ i can do that. People do that don’t they?

You can do anything as long as the client is willing to pay.

But guess what sunshine? You just dont know what you dont know.

And if there are problems – when are the problems going to surface ? Well after the designer has hot footed away. Its hard pinpointing liability 6mnths down the track . And then try 5 years.

Yes there are insurances.

But jeeze major headaches and pains could be saved if people were willing to be less ‘ego’ and more thoughtful. Gosh its not hard to say I dont know.