Gardens [NOT] Illustrated. The 2011 Welsh Border Collection is Slightly Strange.

Welsh garden

Veddw aint on the 2011 Gardens Illustrated Welsh Border Garden tour?

How odd – it’s on the border of Wales and England and it truly impressed me and several others including Stephen Anderton (The Times)

Only rarely does one come across a garden so ambitious and successful as the one at Veddw House.

In 2004 Germaine Greer gave Veddw  a wrap of applause for its ‘expression to contemporary sensibility about conservation’.

It’s even weirder that the tour guide for this year’s Welsh Border Collection, Noel Kingsbury, has previously stated that this

.. is a garden that is very ambitious: it is intellectual and experimental, occasionally provocative, but for the most part beautiful and relaxing

For further weirdness please refer to the following link  –  Veddw Review (Noel’s detailed Veddw review, published in the November 2006 edition of Gardens Illustrated).

The designer Anne Wareham is a self claimed bad-tempered gardener. Wareham is known to insult the sensibilities of some garden designer circles.

Now I am taking a leap here but I am thinking perhaps her garden is not part of the Welsh Collection in 2011 for her outspoken comments?

Umm….. are cultural collections being edited on the grounds of an artist’s personality? Or perhaps something an artist has said?

Gardens Illustrated would you like to make comment?

Coming Soon: Anne Wareham becomes a pin up girl for Garden Beet