Water tanks, walls and water harvesting

Image : Landscape Tanks

Given that water is a valuable  resource it seems sensible to incorporate water holding features into building projects wherever possible.

The retaining wall above  incorporates a water tank plus accommodates a planting bed on top.  The holding tank is constructed from concrete.

Whilst the image above is not terribly inspiring be aware that concrete is a versatile material. The finish could be any colour and have a variety of textures. Or could be clad with other materials such as timber or sheet metal.

Its also possible to make a feature of the ‘pipes’ that collect the water. A copper rain chain is one solution. A rain chain is essential a chain that guides water from one point to another. Rather than concealing the water in a  pipe the water is exposed. The rain water becomes a design feature.

Another water harvesting device that could also be used as a wall is a  slimline water tank (Waterwall) made from polyethylene. Image below.

This product has been used in  Australia since 2004 however the tank is no longer manufactured in Australia and is now only available in the USA.

Garden Beet is interested to know of any projects that incorporate water harvesting into various landscape elements such as retaining walls or boundary fences. Please add a comment if you are in the know.

water tanksImage: Patrick Franklyn