Garden Centres and Advertising. Girly shots, advertising and moulds

Oh its christmas and all I can think about are glorious garden images. Frolicking through the webimages available at istock and various other image stores around cyber world I stumbled across this image.

Girls are always used to sell stuff. But not gardening stuff.

Gardening corporates usually steer clear of the girly phenomna and go for an organic homely apple in a wooden bucket look. Or beautiful floral sweet gloves and matching digging set – simply gorgeous.

Now the almsot soft pornĀ  pink perfumery aesthetic with the latest gardening product – this is new .

Outdoor spaces could often do with a bit of ‘coco-channelling’. Its nice to thinkĀ  that garden designs and all things associated with gardens can be shaken up, stirred and reconfigured.

Dont get me wrong – I like the organic wommery look too-but its nice to jump out of one mould and into another – at least for a second? no?

Will there ever be a Flagship Garden Centre somewhere on Regent Street, London?