Images and websites. I dont do code and I really like

I am a shallow surface web maker. 

I now have a whole new appreciation of what else makes a good website. Carts have to work and people need to be ushered quickly through checkout. There is all this usability and functional stuff that when I started playing with web design I did not really understand.  

Finally I will admit defeat and surrounder to the coders .

 I can’t talk in codes – I do not understand how anyone can design using code.

BUT big bloody deal if your product can jump off the screen, hit you in the face and then land in the basket – if it looks shite it is. 

Good design has to consider function and form. Its the same with gardens, landscape and products.    

As an aside I love the header for – it challanges the images associated with gardens. Those types of images on a website make me happy. Now can that image give me change at the checkout? I would love that!!!!!!!