Wallpaper magazine claims parklet planters as newsworthy urban design. Oh dear.

Wallpaper Nov 2010 tells me that San Francisco is building parklets….turning car parks into planters…great…i am all for urban greening but please tell me this is not new?

 I am 40. When I was 10 they turned a car parking space outside my grandmothers home into a parklet….probably called a planting area back in them olden days…jeppers that was 30 years ago..

..so either Wallpaper is asleep or San Francisco is truely gripped by the car…..really this is a bog standard urban design treatment in Australia…nothin wrong with that of course…but its rather odd to make it as something newsworthy? now i’d like to see Wallpaper herald some urban design solutions that really move beyond the ordinary …it claims to report on the contemporary….does it not?