Glee Garden Trade Show 2010. Product Type: Vertical Garden Living Wall planter. Woolly Pocket / Burgon Ball

UK manufacturers have finally caught up with the vertical garden, green wall and living walls trend. Today in far flung corners of the Glee Trade fair are two wall planters that make growing plants on most walls a reality.

Burgon and Ball  have just released onto the market a neat little fabric wall planter. Meanwhile the US Woolly Pocket designer and manufacturer Miguel Nelson commences marketing his robust well designed Woolly Pocket in the UK and European market via Glee Trade Fair.

Corner A – Woolly Pocket.

A robust  fabric wall planter made from recycled plastic, enables a plant’s root system to breathe, comes in various colours and three sizes. Can be used inside and outside. The system is modular and can allow a small or large green wall to be established with ease.

Corner B

Burgon and Ball Wall Planter. A neat black wall planter that comes in one size: around an A3 size of paper. Made from plastic. Outdoors only. A plant’s root system can not breath.

So what does Garden Beet think?

The Burgon and Ball planter appears well made and would be great for making a relatively cheap little herb garden on an outside wall. The product however does not meet the quality or functionaility of the Woolly Pocket system.

The Burgon and Ball planter has a very small soil area – thereby restricting plant growth, nor does it allow the plant’s root system to breath – resulting in the plants eventally becoming pot bound, it can not be used indoors and is not designed to provide coverage of large walls.

If all you want to do is grow a few basil plant each year Burgon and Ball have created a reasonable well priced solution.

However if you are serious about creating a thriving living wall you would still invest in the ever so funky Woolly Pockets.