Chris and Her Brick Lane Air Plant Neck

an air plants as garden art jewels

an air plants as garden art jewels

garden art is turned into jewels

This is a great picture of Chris. I forced her to change into my black dress and pose  whilst I played with an air plant around her neck.

We made them on Saturday for the Sunday Brick Lane Market in London. A bit of fun. Nothing serious. I dont even charge for the attachment (of the jewellery pin to the plant).

These air plant necklaces are dead easy to make. Get an air plant (£5 from Garden Beet), get a glue gun that heats and melts the glue  (£10 Home Base) and get some round discs with a broach pin (90p from Garden Beet or your local bead shop).

You can wear them in your hair too!!

Here is a happy customer below.

Sassy Girl – she understood the look.

customer wearing air plant jewels