Veddw: there is black, views and just a few fantastic flowering plants

For fear of sounding gushy I have just calmed myself. I LOVED it. My lordy I was wondering what all the hype was about.

How great is it to enter a garden where plant, concrete, timber and gravel manipulation and trickery is orchestrated by someone who understands the power of topography (as well as colour, scale, perspective, history and budgets) ?

Anne Wareham has sited her well photographed hedge wave in a gentle sloping gully. This locale has allowed for partial views into the gully from the elevated sections of her garden as well as broader views to the wider landscape. Anne knew where to stop the hedges and what sections of the crest should remain bare from tall plantings.  Such careful consideration of the ground plane brings me joy.

Her use of scale and forced perceptive is very fun. There is more of course  but my most gushy moment came when finally the ubiquitous white rimmed glass conservatory is turned on its head and painted black. Yes, for godsake – what is it with white and conservatories.

Succulents, silver and BLACK oh my. Thank you.