British garden art, air plants and yes, driftwood. RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2010

airplants used to cretae garden art

Air plants are very chic and if you can work out a funky way of suspending them from something as equally funky you may assist in creating the new drive for air based gardens. It always amazes me how cheap air plants are to purchase. What fab garden art.  They are so beautiful and sculptural. Heavens they don’t even need soil  – why aren’ there airplants everywhere (indoors)?

Perhaps a jewellery range is waiting to happen – its probably already happening at ETSY somewhere.

Anyway I found one airplant retailer at Hampton Flower Show but he had not kept up with the air plant craze happening in in the US.  Yep in true British style the Brits are still attaching their tilliandis to driftwood ….except he was from Europe ….but he was selling to the British market…

I like that ….just observing that is all……cultural application of air plants