A plant off – dividing basil – how far should you separate – trials – First diary entry

Basil divide
Jane buys a big basil plant (she thinks). I tell her she has not bought a big basil plant but loads of little ones all planted together to look like a big plant. A common trick employed by the garden centres. Problem. Each little plant is competing.
I think she would be much better off dividing and letting each one have adequate room to grow. She is concerned that dividing will cause damage to the roots and in turn cause death. Jane argues they should be re potted in groups. I argue they should be divided into pairs at the very least.
We decide to go our separate ways and see who’s technique works better.
Jane’s basil is picture 1. In faux terracotta planter pots.
My basil is picture 2.In a woolly pocket.
Entry two -coming soon