Vertical garden gone candy mad …… living walls are such a fad, NOT.

..ho hum ……….yet another garden designer stated that vertical gardens were a fad…AGAIN……….

Well my plants are so happy with their wall planters that they are exploding with the most ridiculous colours – I never intended for yellow/pink/purple flowers to all come together – this garden was only ever temporary……(no not a fad, but a trial garden).

I never thought I would see it go to flower …but here I am learning that  perhaps red and pink candy coloured geraniums are really quiet fun when placed on a wall with other plants that flower with a yellow… not recommend the red brick backdrop though… time I will do it differently…more yellow.

Like all gardens the success depends on the maintenance. My indoor living wall has suffered over the last two weeks. I was super busy and it did not get watered ….my ferns needed to be kept moist ….our living room can get very hot and many of mine have shrivelled….but there are young fronds emerging so I should be able to revive them – I have moved them outdoors to my shady vertical garden – – much cooler out there

Such as shame that people are able to dismiss and turn away from possibilities.

Am very keen to experiment with blue hydrangeas.