Urban Greening with Recycled Grass Planter Pots at Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London.

planters for urban garden

planters with grass

designer of grass pots

Hard urban spaces with a lush green ‘moment’ are a favourite landscape of mine. I love it – almost as much as wilderness. How excited was I when I found these urban grass planters at Storydeli Pizza, Loading Bay, Old Truman Brewery http://storydeli.com/.

Lee Hollingworth (pictured above) wanted to have some planting that separated his cafe’s tables from the pedestrian traffic – he also wanted to use recycled materials. He found the old steel boxes and simply lined them with roll out turf and installed plants from his own garden. The images above show the grass after week 5 of installation. He plans to do no maintenance.

The brown patches on the lawn are from people placing one foot up on the planter (as shown by Lee in the photo). He also observes people butting their cigarette into the planter and picking the lawn. All this intereaction is usually happening when people are on the phone or waiting and talking with friends. He appears to enjoy the casual interaction people have with his lawn plantings and delights in the unknown outcome of his experimental urban greening.

I’ll be interested to see what happens with his green hairy large planters.