Indoor planters have become part of the furniture. Beerd Van Stokkum motorway tables

bridge plantertable planter with chairsindoor plantersOver the last couple of months Garden Beet has witnessed indoor planters becoming part of the furniture. Its about time.

A bromeliade is very hip and if you can integrate them into your office furniture even better.  Its good for air quality.

The table-cum-planter is designed by Beerd Van Stokkum and is titled ‘Viaduct’.  Its form was inspired by the viaducts along Holland’s motorways.

Sadly most office plants are an afterthought but with more designs like the ‘Viaduct’ it may be possible for plants to go beyond providing some ‘green’ and also create some spatial division within the office .

All annoying people behind the boardroom tabletop cactus windrow planting.

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