Sourcing plants for RHS Chelsea 2010…its a weird experience….

plants for chelsea 2010

I think I have visited nearly every nursery in Surrey in the last month.   I am after a specific form of plant and am hunting high and low for variations on a theme for a vertical garden using Woolly Pockets. During this hunt I have stumbled across some interesting attitudes to Chelsea.

My involvement in Chelsea is very last minute. I have also never attended Chelsea (since being in the UK I have been busy with small children).  As a result I do not really hold a strong opinion about the event. But plenty of others do. Here are a few comments from the nurseries:

1. You will only do it once then never again

2. We will only deliver your plants to Chelsea if you allow us to charge you triple – its a nightmare

3. You can not divide plants 6 weeks before Chelsea and then show them – this is Chelsea – you just can not do that

4. Sorry we do not have any plants suitable to be shown at Chelsea

5. Chelsea – sorry- we have nothing

5. You should have had your plants worked out before Christmas – you have left it too late..

6. You should buy the plants now and look after them for the next 6 weeks, its the only way you’ll get them looking right…..anyway you designers need to get your fingers dirty…… rather than leaving it to others