Deal UK may survive an urban design makeover – this seaside town does respectful contemporary

beach garden with path and shelter

deal beach landscape

Deal foreshore (near Dover UK) must surely get an urban design makeover soonish as there are public liabilities all over the place. That roof on the rotunda looks like its about to fall.

Please do not assume I think Deal needs a makeover I just suspect it is due for one due to its state of repair. I always slightly fear makeovers as they tend to smooth and remove the best urban bits  – but Deal may be OK….

As I was walking along the pier I assumed that not one resident had lifted a  paint brush since the 60s. How wrong was I. At the end of the pier is a funky little cafe . The building does not scream for attention but it does not try to look like it was built last century either. Its contemporary and respects the unique character of Deal and the existing pier. Unbelievable. Am I in the UK? Yes, the coffee was bad.

deal bridge

deal pier

deal food

deal cafe